Nephrology Certificate Examination 2017


The UEMS Renal Section and Board are committed to the harmonization of training standards across Europe, and to ongoing quality improvement in the training of nephrologists. Having published papers on a European curriculum, and the ideal characteristics of a training centre of excellence, we decided to develop a knowledge-based exam to assess trainees’ factual understanding of the specialty.  Whilst there are acknowledged limitations to assessing a single strand of training, such an exam does encourage wider reading of subject material and, therefore, holds significant value.The exam will be available annually from early March 2017 at delivery centers in countries affiliated with the Renal Section or in the ERA-EDTA Geographical area. Successful candidates will be awarded a ‘European Certificate in Nephrology’. We hope that training bodies across Europe will recognize the value of this examination and integrate it into their training programs.The UEMS Renal Section and Board and the ERA-EDTA encourage Nephrologists, particularly young Nephrologists, to register for the exam when the application website opens in November 2016. To stimulate the participation in the first edition of the exam, ERA-EDTA will offer benefits to young nephrologists registering for it – further details will be announced in the near future.Consider this attractive initiative and start planning to take the first exam to obtain a valuable ‘European Certificate in Nephrology’!!!!

J Cannata-Andía & A Wiecek on behalf of UEMS Renal Section and Board & ERA-EDTA





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